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Stupid Marketing

Redefine your brand and go wonderful stupid!

Because being boring is just... boring...

Stupid by design.

Stupid Cotton offers a unique perspective on life, doing business and the things we do on a daily basis. We try to find the sweet spot between progressive, futurist ideas and realistic, feasible actions which a person or company can take. Why? Because being 'normal' hardly changes anything.


Don't work. Do good!

We believe 'work' is in desperate need of an upgrade. If we are being truly honest most people don't like their work because it lacks 'goodness'. That's why we like to focus on the good you and your company does or can do in the future. More than often, marketing and communication strategies consist of 'speaking the walk' instead of truly walking the walk. Luckily we're happy to help you in becoming a Stupid loner who's paving a new way for others to see how to do good 'really good'.

Ready to go Stupid?

Great! Contact us so we can meet and get to know each other. If we match... I'm sure we will discuss all the wonderful and stupid things your company does and wants to do even better. Stupid Cotton is here to help you show the world your good stuff...

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