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Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy

The unique designed products from Stupid Cotton are custom made, specially for you, once the order is posted. It takes about 3 to 8 business days to produce and ship your order.


Keep in mind that in some cases shipping may take longer due to local or global events like pandemic outbreaks. At any time you can contact our customer support if you have questions regarding your order.

Shipping costs

The Netherlands

Living in Holland? Congrats! No shipping cost for you bro/sis/in-between!

Everywhere else in the world

For our other fellow earth walkers living across the globe we charge a flat shipping fee of €15 per order.

Return & Exchange Policy

All products from Stupid Cotton have unique designs and are only produced once ordered. This results in a lower environmental impact and exclusive apparel but this also means that returns and exchanges can be a bit tricky if you ordered a wrong size, color, or simply don’t like the product. So, make sure you buy the right product. Check your oder overview before posting it and contact us if you have any questions.

In case you do experience a problem with an order and/or the received products, please get in touch with us ( within 15 days of product delivery. Together we can fix a bunch of problems...

Return & Exchange costs

If you return items we need to charge these costs, unfortunately. Maybe one day, when we are a big big company, we can afford to pay these costs for you. Until then, we need to keep our expenses as low as possible to keep this initiative running.

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