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Price 1st 1200 =

Price 2nd 1200 =

Final price =

12 $ADA

24 $ADA

36 $ADA


Tokens = 12 x 12 = 144

Supply = 12 + 12 = 24

Total CNFTs = 3456


The sale has ENDED!

No more Tea Bags & Peaches will ever be minted.

Got yours?
Great! They're very
very rare!

Check out the minted ones on

You can still buy them on secondary markets to Tea Bag & Peach Juice the crypto space!


Generating Payment details

Don't send from an exchange address!
Only use your own wallet like Daedalus or Yoroi.

When you send your ADA to the address below, will pick a random 'Tea Bag & Peach' NFT to mint on the Cardano blockchain.

You will then receive the NFT, on the ADA address you used for purchase.

Oh! And don't forget to complete the transaction within 12 minutes. After 12 minutes the reserved NFTs will expire.

Stay on this page up to 1 minute after making the payment for payment validation

Payment Status


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